My Emery recently turned 3 and I can hardly believe it. Where has the time gone? She’s suddenly looking so big to me. I absolutely adore this girl for SO many reasons. Her glee and excitement about life are infectious, her sense of humor is highly entertaining and her bond of friendship with her older sister Audrey is completely endearing. She loves the color blue, dresses up daily, loves to sing songs she made up herself, moody when hungry or tired (a bit like me in that regard, I’m afraid), and is truly one of kind. Love you Em!


Brock & Shayla | Utah Engagement Photographer

I meant to post this session ages ago (since it obviously took place in the fall!), but never got around to it. Since I’m now posting their wedding (see post below), I figured I’d better post these as well. 😉 This shoot was so much fun. Brock contacted me before the session to let me know that he’d be proposing to Shayla during the shoot! It was the cutest thing.